How I Used a Doctors Note

I wanted to take a mini vacation at work and get away for three days. I have been working at my job for over a year but have only built up two personal days. My company does not offer vacation days. If I was going to use sick days anything and be out for three day I would have to provide a d note when going back to work. Since I did not have to see a doctor I did some research and found where I can get real looking excuse notes on the internet.  You can also get stuff like hospital discharge papers from an emergency room, and other types of documents for all your medical ailments. I have heard of people using the free dr note templates before. Looking at the free ones I would not trust the quality. They did not have anything official looking on them. I am not going to risk getting in trouble at work or possible fired by using a fake note. I did have to pay for my excuse note but it was well worth it. Everything on the note looked real and I did not have to worry about handing it into my boss. One site we really like I browsed the website to find the note that would fit my specific situation. I needed to note to say I had an illness such as the flu where being out of work a couple of days was justified. When I found the note that stated the correct medical condition I was able to customize it with my information. This included my name, address, and the dates that I was going to be out of work including the date of when I was able to return. I also filled in the name of the hospital that I went to. What I liked about this note is that it was a real note from a real doctor. Nothing had to be forged on it. When I went back to work I handed the note in. I was a little worried at first. My supervisor looked at the note and then faxed a copy to the human resource department. I was a little nervous all day but by the end of the day when I did not hear anything my nerves eased up. While I will not use fake notes all the time I know that if I need some time very now and then these fake dr note will work.


Fake Doctor Notes – Make That Doctor Note Look Real!


Fake doctors notes are now becoming widely popular among millions of Americans. With stricter rules at job and rising health care costs, now more and more people prefer to use doctor notes. While there is some risk involved in using them, but still people find them a much better option than spending money and time each time to pay a visit to a Dr when they end up missing work, or are really sick. In fact, students also use these fake doctor notes to take a day off from their school! If you really want to use a fake doctors note, it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs so that they look real. So, how can you ensure that? Well, there are few important things to keep in mind to make sure they look real before you hand them to your employer or at school as excuse. Four important elements Since a fake doctors note is actually a legal document, there are four main elements you’re going to have on such a note.

  • Contact Information – Contact information of the doctor should be there on every note. This information will include the doctor’s name, his or her address, and also the phone number on which the doctor can be reached.
  • Date and Time – This is the time at which you saw the doctor. It should be there on the doctor’s note. Aside from that, there should be date for all the days for which you are excused from the work. This is a crucial element in a doctor note and should always be there.
  • Name of Person Seen – Your name should also be there on the fake doctor note, because this will make it look real. However, there’s no need to give too much information about your current medical condition because this may violate the HIPAA privacy laws.
  • Limitations – The doctor’s not should also mention all limitations that you may have in the next few days. For instance, you cannot lift a weight, or you cannot wear certain type of shoes, etc. you should include them in the note.

Limitations that you can added to fake doctors note So, you might be wondering about the limitations that you can add to your fake doctor notes without making it look fake. Well, you have a choice as there are different types of limitations that can be added to the list. For instance, you can add a limitation of only being allowed to lift eight pounds, you can work at desk, limitations in walking or standing, or even wearing certain types of shoes that are supportive and comfortable. However, be very careful to add only the limitation that looks genuine! Check out bestfakedoctorsnotes for more information. So, if you are planning to use a doctor’s note, you can get their templates online right from the comforts of your home. Make sure your note sounds believable and reasonable, and it will work like anything.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Fake Doctors Note Template

a group of doctorsBefore using the fake doctor’s note template, there are a number of questions and facts that one needs to consider so as to settle on a brainy decision that will definitely work for your good.

It would be advisable therefore to consider the location and the hospitals around. You do not want to use the name of a popular hospital where the boss by even be a patient or end having the contacts of the doctor there. Your boss calling the hospital for any clarification is the last thing you want and thus should be very careful when choosing the hospital.

Many fake doctor note templates are made in such a way that all you are left to do is fill the blank spaces, however, there are some templates that will have sample address as a guideline on how you should fill them meaning you are supposed to replace these sample addresses with your address of choice. Look are this site here to get more information.

One should therefore be very careful to ensure that all these sample addresses are replaced; you do not want to fake a hospital within your locality and giving overseas location of the same. Also be very careful with names you give for reference doctors. It would be better not to indicate any personal contacts of any doctor. Someone might think of calling the fake doctors notes — even on a later date if somebody else falls ill only for your lie to be uncovered when you least expect it.